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Hej ja naprawdę mówić po angielsku.Mam nadzieję, że jest to możliwe do odczytania tego tłumaczenia.

Szukam mieszkania dla mnie i moja córka 8 lat.Ca 1500-1900 zł miesięcznie.Jesteśmy bardzo lubi naturę i psa.Mamy nadzieję znaleźć miejsce nie jest zbyt daleko od Krakowa, gdzie żyjemy.

Hi! Hope its ok that I write in English.I hope to find a place to live for me and my daughter 8 years old.We love nature and animals,and wish to move away from the city.We have small dog.We are living in Krakow.Maybe someone can help finding a peaceful place ca 1500PLN -1900PLN pr month?Thank you so much! Kind regards
Hi Angela,

it might be a bit difficult to find such place as far as you do not have anything to offer (ie. to work for someone or to serve some skills etc.). Most of ecological villages/places are run by the people who are working hard to make it possible and if they're looking for someone, the person in demand should offer things they need. Of course there's always a chance to rent some place and just pay for it but if so, you should look for some more commercial places, I'd say start advertising on tourist forums where many people from countryside are looking for incomers and to get some money from renting the house. I hope it helps you a bit ;)

Hi Angela

I have a bautiful log cabin 166km away from Krakow. A very peaceful place on the outskirts of a village. 
Would you be interested in renting something so far away from Kraków?[attachment=255][attachment=256]