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Szukam i przestawijenia projectu :)
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Szukam i przestawijenia projectu :)
Witam serdecznie !

Ja sie bardzo cziese rze znalaslem taki forum w polsce :) Sorry za moje pismo, ale moj pierwsze jedzik jest niemiecki :/ .

I will write in english, i think its better to understand:

I was born in germany, but i had always a very good contact to poland and my polisch family and friends. I have german and polisch Obywateltswo and i can speak polish. Currently i am living and working in germany in Munachium. Beside this i have around 4 ha land in a polish village near south of Radom and some flats in the city. I am planing to move to poland and to build up a something like Ekoosada + extra.

Surly you are asking why he want to move to poland?Normaly guy;) ?
Intensivly contact and love to polish country, i dont want to waste my time with only working and spending money for not important thinks. I am boring of our capitalism consumption society! I want to live in balance with nature and enjoy live from other side. Largly self-supply beside this lease some flats in the city and start a project on the farm for other people (for further informations contact me, it currently in build up phase ;)  ). I like very much the village where i have my land quite, fruitful ground, nature pure !

What is the plan?
How i wrote to start some small project to earn money and mainly to build up self-supply farm. I am currently working here and spending my money to poland, for example buy some tractor, build up barn and so one.....If this is ready i will move.

Why i am writing here?
Of course i am happy about this forum, and i want to talk and share my plans with you. Because there are not many people who understand me.

But mainly i am Singel :(  On this way i try to find women who like my plans and who would like to life with me together. I know there are not many womens who like this, but i dont will give up ;-)

So if you read this and like it, please CONTACT ME. I will be happy and i will inform you in detail about my pland and we can discuss :)

Greetings and dzienki za czytanie
Ben Uśmiech
21.08.2014 20:01
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RE: Szukam i przestawijenia projectu :)
Hallo Ben,
danke fur Deine Anonse. Wir werden gerne mit Dir treffen. Du kannst uns besuchen entweder in Bardo oder in Kleinpolen, wo ich zur Zeit  fest Wohne. Also wir warten auf Nachricht von Dir auf deutsch ,entweder per email oder auf mein Handy 0048502523692.
Alles Gute!

26.08.2014 19:50
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RE: Szukam i przestawijenia projectu :)
Maybe You don't know that there are many ecovillages in Germany, and for sure much more and better organized than in Poland, and some polish girls went to Germany because of that... But I see You are looking rather information about farming than about ecosocieties.
The best way to find a girl-friend is to use dating services in internet, I suppose. Especially if You aren't understanded by average people.

Good luck!
02.09.2014 05:50
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RE: Szukam i przestawijenia projectu :)
I think that you can try to start in Poland too. And probably some interesting girl will be found to try with you :-) Good luck, sbmiles 21 :-)
06.10.2014 00:58
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RE: Szukam i przestawijenia projectu :)
Dobry wieczór Tomaszu. Jeśli nie chcesz kontaktu, wystarczy napisać... Pozdrawiam serdecznie. M. 
20.02.2016 20:34
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